Stop Smoking in 2 Hours

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You are just 2 hours away from never having to smoke again!

What this plan is all about is showing you it’s a trick! And once you understand the concept of what is the ‘nicotine trick’, you will find it not only easy to stop smoking, but enjoyable to stop smoking!

There’s always an easy way to most things if you just apply yourself, and you know how to do it. So don’t bang yourself on the head anymore, wondering why can’t I figure out a way to stop smoking.

4 reviews for Stop Smoking in 2 Hours

  1. K

    Never smoked again, listened once, 7 years on amazing app

  2. Tania

    Amazing i’d been smoking for over 10years in a very stressful job and quit overnight 👍🏽 i haven’t had a smoke for 7+years now

  3. Jacob

    About 6/7 years ago I stopped smoking with this app. It was actually a joy and made me very proud. It is such a nasty addiction.

  4. Dave O (verified owner)

    Before I even got to the end of the 2nd hour I knew I was never going to smoke again. Eight years smoke free.

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